Why are flexible PCBs more expensive than rigid boards?

The flexibility and adaptability of flexible PCBs make them an ideal choice for many high-end applications. However, the production cost of flexible PCBs is often high, mainly affected by factors such as material cost, processing complexity, equipment investment, and technical requirements. This article will conduct an in-depth analysis of the production cost of flexible PCBs and propose ways to reduce costs.

Material cost analysis

Flexible PCBs use more expensive materials than rigid boards. Flexible PCBs usually use materials with high moisture absorption and high temperature resistance, such as polyimide (PI), which are relatively expensive. In addition, the conductive layer of flexible PCBs is usually made of precious metal materials such as gold and silver, which are more expensive than ordinary conductive materials such as copper.

Influence of Processing Complexity

The production process of flexible PCB is relatively complicated and requires multiple processes, including film preparation, film lamination, circuit patterning, photolithography, etching, etc. Each process requires high precision and professional technology, which increases the production cost.

At the same time, there is a high failure rate in the production process of flexible PCB, because the film material is easily affected by environmental factors during the processing process, and it is also difficult to finely control during the film preparation process, resulting in a high scrap rate, which further increases the cost.

The production of flexible PCB requires special production equipment, including film preparation equipment, film lamination equipment, photolithography equipment, etc. These devices are expensive and have high investment costs. At the same time, due to the high process requirements of flexible PCB, the maintenance of equipment also requires a higher level of technology and economic investment, which increases the production cost.

The production process of flexible PCB requires a high level of technology. For example, the preparation of conductive materials requires control of their thickness and quality, the film lamination process requires precise temperature and pressure control, and the photolithography process requires high-precision patterning. These requirements require employees to have high technical skills, which increases training and management costs.

How to Reduce Flexible PCB Manufacturing Cost


Material cost optimization
Choosing materials with lower cost but equivalent performance can significantly reduce costs. In addition to polyimide (PI), other flexible substrates with similar functions but lower cost, such as polyamide (PA), can also be selected. Although these materials do not have all the characteristics of polyimide, they can meet the needs of some applications and are more economical.


Process optimization
Optimize the production process to improve production efficiency, reduce scrap rate, and reduce processing costs.


Increase the degree of automation
Introduce automation equipment and technology to improve production efficiency, while reasonably arranging equipment maintenance to reduce equipment use costs and achieve continuous production to reduce the manufacturing cost of unit products.


Technical training and management
Improve the technical and management level of employees to ensure that they can operate production equipment and tools proficiently and can effectively manage production processes. Training helps to improve production efficiency, reduce scrap rate, and thus reduce manufacturing costs.


Continuous improvement and innovation
Continuously carry out technological innovation and process improvement to find more efficient production methods and more cost-saving process flows. Continuous improvement can help reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality and competitiveness.

The production cost of flexible PCBs is relatively high, but by optimizing material selection, process flow, equipment investment, and technical training, the production cost can be reduced and product competitiveness and market share can be improved.

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