3 methods of PCBA boards testing

AOI test, this test method is very common in PCBA processing, suitable for all PCBA processing, mainly through the shape characteristics of components to determine the soldering problem of components.It is also possible to determine whether there is a wrong component on the board by checking the color of the component and the silkscreen on the IC.

X-RAY inspection, for some boards with hidden solder joints, such as BGA, CSP, QFN package components, the first piece of PCBA Board needs to be X-ray inspection, X-ray has a strong penetration, is One of the earliest instruments used in various inspection applications, the X-ray perspective shows the thickness, shape,weld quality and solder density of the solder joints. These specific indicators can fully reflect the welding quality of the solder joints, including open circuit, short circuit, holes, internal bubbles and insufficient amount of tin, and can be quantitatively analyzed.

FCT function test, FCT function test is usually used on some more complicated circuit boards. The circuit board to be tested must be simulated after the completion of soldering, through some specific fixtures, simulate the actual use of the circuit board, put the circuit board In this simulated scenario, observe whether the board can be used normally after turning on the power. This test method can accurately determine whether the board is normal.

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