Type of tin spray treatment on the surface of PCB board

Tin spraying is one of the most commonly technology in PCB board. This process is practical. It has good soldering performance, good oxidation resistance, and it is a process with high performance and price ratio. There are also lead and lead free distinctions between tin sprayed PCB boards.

No lead free is made of tin in a certain proportion. Lead improves the activity of tin during soldering. No lead free is easier to use than lead free. However, lead is toxic, and lead is harmful to human health. Therefore, lead tin is not environmentally friendly, and the world has a certain difference in environmental protection. Therefore, lead-free tin spray was born.

Lead-free tin is an environmental protection process; it is very little harm to the human body. It is also an advocacy process, lead-free tin content for lead is not more than 0.5. Lead-free tin melting point will be high, so the soldering joint is much stronger. NO lead free and lead-free are same process,only the purity of lead is different. Lead-free tin is more environmentally friendly and safer for the human body, and it is also a trend in the future.

Understanding the characteristics of lead free and no lead free, it’s easier to use no lead free, but it is unsafe, it is not environmental and harmful to human body. Therefore, it is recommended to use lead-free tin spray, which is non-toxic and harmless. It is also a surface treatment process advocated and used at present.

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