What are the advantages of PCBA OEM?

With the development of electronic processing technology and electronic technology, the overall demand for PCB is increasing. Many PCB manufacturers used to only provide PCBA incoming material processing, but now they provide one-stop service for PCBA OEM. So, what are the advantages of PCBA OEM?

1. Customers choose PCBA OEM, which has great advantages in reducing the cost of purchasing materials. Because PCBA manufacturers can receive orders from various places, the number of customers is large, and the corresponding component purchases are in large quantities. There are stable component suppliers who have cooperated for many years, and can get the lowest purchase price.

2. Reduce labor costs. If you buy materials yourself, you must have your own purchasing staff, including PCB board buyers and component buyers. These are not small expenses.

3. Reduce the company’s warehousing expenses. The storage of components requires certain conditions, such as a warehouse with constant temperature and humidity; it also needs to be managed by a special person, as well as the rental expenses of the warehouse, plus the configuration of related equipment, all of which cost money.

4. Avoid high expenditure on purchasing equipment. The whole process of PCBA processing requires precision processing equipment such as SMT placement machine, reflow soldering, wave soldering, selective wave soldering and various testing equipment. The configuration of a production line is about 2 million RMB. In addition, being idle is a pressure on equipment and funds.

Therefore, there are many advantages for customers to choose PCBA manufacturing OEM, whether it is for large customers with large amounts or small customers.

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