How to store double-sided PCB boards

Double-sided PCB board is the provider of electrical connection of electronic components and plays an important role. After the PCB circuit board is made, it needs to be stored to avoid damage to the PCB circuit board. So what is the storage method of double-sided PCB boards?

1.Double-sided PCB boards need to be vacuum-packed in colorless plastic bags, and desiccant should be attached to the vacuum-packed bags to ensure tight packaging.

It should not be in contact with air and water to avoid immersion gold, spray tin and pad parts on the surface of the PCB circuit board from being oxidized and affect the soldering, which is not conducive to production.

2.When the double-sided PCB board is packaged, a layer of bubble film needs to be surrounded on the edge of the box. The water absorption of the bubble film is better, so that it can absorb water and moisture. In addition, moisture-proof beads are also indispensable.

3.Arrange the double-sided PCB boards by classification and label them. After sealing, the box must be separated from the wall and stored in a dry and ventilated place away from the ground, and should also be protected from sunlight.

4. The temperature of the warehouse where the PCB circuit boards are stored is best controlled at 23±3℃, 55±10%RH.Under such conditions, PCB circuit boards with surface treatments such as immersion gold, electro-gold, tin spraying, and silver plating can generally be stored for 6 months.Immersion silver, immersion tin, OSP and other surface-treated PCB boards can generally be stored for 3 months.

5.For long time unused PCB circuit board, it is best to brush a layer of conformal coating. The conformal coatings can prevent moisture, dust and oxidation. In this way, the storage life of the pcb circuit board will be increased to 9 months.

Regarding the storage method of double-sided PCB boards, we will introduce them here today. In fact, how long the pcb circuit board is stored is related to the surface treatment. The chemical gold and electroplated gold have the longest storage time. Under the conditions of constant temperature and humidity, they can be stored for two or three years. Doing a good job in the storage of double-sided PCB boards can better extend the service life of the circuit boards, which is a problem that cannot be ignored.

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