electronic contract manufacturing PROCESSING SPECIFICATIONS

electronic contract manufacturing PROCESSING SPECIFICATIONS

electronic contract manufacturing processing belongs to high-precision manufacturing. In the electronic contract manufacturing processing process, relevant actual operating standards must be followed. If mistakes in actual operation will cause damage to components and PCBA.In particular, PCBA components such as integrated ICs, ICs, etc. are very easy to be damaged due to the delay of electrostatic induction safety protection, and the regulations on the natural environment of production and PCBA processing are very high.Problems in all areas can damage all PCBAs or various components on them.
So what operating procedures should be followed in the processing of PCBA?

electronic contract manufacturing PROCESSING SPECIFICATIONS

1.Maintain the cleaning and neatness of the operation platform. There should be no food or drinks in the area during work. Smoking and placing cigarettes and ashtrays are strictly prohibited.

2.Reduce the operation process of PCBA processing technology and components to the minimum limit to prevent risks. In areas where the gloves must be used on the assembly line, dirty gloves can cause environmental pollution, so gloves must be removed and replaced frequently when necessary.

3.As a general standard, do not use bare hands or fingers to pick and place the surface to be soldered. The vegetable oils metabolized by everyone will reduce the solderability.

4.It is absolutely impossible to stack PCBA together, which will cause physical damage, and special fixing brackets should be equipped on the assembly place.

5.Components and PCBA that are sensitive to EOS / ESD must be marked with appropriate EOS / ESD labels.Many sensitive PCBA processing processes themselves should also have relevant markings, such markings are generally on a board-side RF connector.In order to avoid ESD and EOS severely damaging sensitive components, all actual operations, assembly and testing must be performed on a worktable that can handle electrostatic induction.

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