China Supplier of EPS shredder for recycling styrofoam waste

The EPS styrofoam waste can be seen everywhere on the streets,at garbage house and factories,it is headache to handle with these waste,but the businessman can find opportunity from them.The EPS waste like box,sheets and cut-offs can be categorized and recycled into different application.


The EPS shredder can shred them into small pcs which can be for mixing with origin EPS beads,so,these waste can be raw materials for block making again.


Model no.  power   capacity  Input size  Remark
800 5.5kw  250-300 kg/h  800*600mm Light Duty
1000 5.5kw  300-350 kg/h 1000*600mm Light Duty
H1200 15kw 1200-1300kg/h 1200*700mm Heavy Duty
H1500 15kw 1400-1500 kg/h 1500*700mm Heavy Duty


The EPS shredder with horizontal hopper is simple design and it is durable in working.It can largely reduce the volume of EPS waste.We design hopper on the ground for easily feeding the machine.After styrofoam waste is crushed and the blower will transport them into other units.

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