What is foam coating machine ?

Foam decorative moulding is new type of decorative materials on exterior wall of building which is fire retardant EPS materials as main body,plastering mortar glass fiber cloth is pasted on EPS molding.


The foam decorative molding can be substitution of traditional GRC molding,it is suitable on installation on the EPS and XPS insulation layer of exterior wall due to light weight.it origins from the classical and elegant style of Europe.And it protects the exterior wall from getting hurt from cold and hot effect.


To make the foam moulding,you need foam coating machine to coat mortar on the surface of EPS foam moulding,the bottom will leave naked without mortar.The mortar can be evenly pasted on the surface after it is dried.The machine principle is simple and EPS moulding can be driven by the chain and the mortar stored in the tank.Mortar is pasted after it goes thru.


Our factory can supply CNC foam cutting machine,foam coating machine and mortar mxier which can make EPS foam moulding.

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