What are the materials of EPS silo ?

EPS silo system consists many different units including piping and fitting,silo rack and silo bag to store materials,blower,valve,control box etc.There are silo for pre expander and molding machine,silo before molding and silo among recycling etc.

Size Materials Grade
2.5m*2.5m* (4+1)m Nylon or canvas Static free and normal
2.5m*2.5m*(2.5+1)m Nylon or canvas Static free and normal
Customized Nylon or canvas Static free and normal

Technically,It is professional to know that the materials of silo bag are different,cause the EPS materials are different.The mesh size and materials are important to the silo to work.

For example,people use canvas materials to make the silo bag to container recycled EPS beads,cause there is dust in the beads and canvas materials bag can not leak any dust from it.

People also use nylon materials to make Silo bag for pre expanded EPS beads and recycled beads which need different mesh size of silo bag.

We need also to think about the cost to select from different silo bags,any buyers can enquire from us and we would love to advise you best EPS silo.

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